About Your Concierge

Lozano Smith’s Concierge Consulting Services (CCS) team is composed of experienced professionals who have dedicated their careers to leading and supporting public agencies. This collection of specialists serves as an extension of Lozano Smith’s legal team to help clients implement leadership practices, improve organizational culture, and address unforeseen challenges.

Collectively, they create efficiencies by bridging the legal requirements clients face with management support, expertise, polices and resources that are needed to effectively operate on a day-to-day basis.

Lozano Smith Concierge Consulting Services
Lozano Smith Concierge Consulting Services

Full Spectrum of Support

This hands-on group has been right where you are now, and they understand the demands you face. The team’s focus is to provide you with timely and practical support from experienced public agency professionals – all to help ensure your focus remains on the betterment of communities and students. Working in conjunction with Lozano Smith attorneys, clients receive streamlined services and consistent counsel.

Representative Advisor Experience

  • Former Public Agency Executive Leadership
  • Crisis Management

Expertise and Experience

Our CCS team serves as consultants, advisors, mentors, trainers, or project managers in all areas listed below.


Interim Administrative Support Services

  • Serves in senior-level management positions on an as-needed basis.
  • Onboarding and integration of new talent, including protocols for continuous support for new administration.

Communications, Community Engagement and Crisis Management

  • Supports messaging initiatives relating to, for example: labor negotiations, employee communications, community outreach, and real-time crises.
  • Partners with leaders to help ensure key communication protocols and policies are in place and executed appropriately.
  • Assists with the implementation of emergency operations plans and serves as a communication partner for each stage of a critical event.

Leadership Development, Mentoring and Training

  • Provides support to new administrators with an emphasis on building capacity to manage challenges and issues throughout the year.
  • Facilitates workshops centered on effective leadership and employee relations, among others, to help equip agency administrators with practices, tools, and resources.

Strategic Planning and Department Advancement

  • Develops and supports department plans, including conducting audits, facilitating job classification/reorganization/salary studies, and incorporating program benchmarks.
  • Assists with cross departmental communication and collaboration.

Staff Professional Development

  • Leads workshop series in several areas, including: Human Resources, Negotiations, Special Education, and Facilities & Business
  • Partners on professional development curriculum for new administrators.

Board Governance and Relationships

  • Provides practical strategies for effective governance team operations, including: establishing positive relationships, board member conduct and liability, effective communication between board members, and effective communication with the public.
  • Provides new board member support regarding governance guidelines and onboarding initiatives within their first 90 days.
  • Facilitates Superintendent goals and evaluation processes.

Budget Management and Forecasting

Assists with key fiscal measures and practices, including: budgeting, spending, revenue, debt analysis, personnel costs, and negotiations.

Meet the Team

Whether you need advice, support, or experienced thought partners, our concierge consulting team is here for you. Contact us and experience the difference.